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Insurance – behind the scenes.

June 2, 2009
Cindy Donaldson, Marketing Director - Founders Insurance Group

Cindy Donaldson, Marketing Director - Founders Insurance Group

We just hired a new producer.  Doug Grieco recently graduated from college with a degree in Finance – and he chose insurance as his profession.  Right now, he’s studying for his P&C exam, he will then be off for some intensive training on the ins and outs of commercial insurance.  He will do well – because he wants to do well and more importantly because  he believes he will do well.

That all being said – what made me want to write about Doug tonight is that certain people have that natural talent as sales people.  Doug is one of them.  I guarantee if we let him loose right now, with just about an ounce of insurance knowledge – he would come back this week with a couple clients – figure out who in the agency he needed to work with to do the “insurance counseling” and then go back to his client and close the deal.  We aren’t letting him loose quite yet though – which will be a tad tough on our greenhorn – but he will survive.  Doug will learn our industry quickly, find his mentors in our staff and excel.  His future clients will just have to be a little patient. His empire will get there.

Doug, with his inate ability to sell sand in the desert if he had to – isn’t the norm. Most independent  insurance agencies are service based and not sales based.    Can we turn everyone into a Doug- no, nor would we want to.  What makes a great salesperson often  doesn’t make a good nuts and bolts person.  Sales people are big picture, not little detail people.  Team Founders (what I affectionately call our team at Founders Insurance Group) is made up of mostly non-Doug’s.  We need those non-Doug’s to handle our clients on a daily basis and  to make sure our client’s every need is attended to.  What makes insurance service teams unique is that they not only have to be nuts and bolts but they have to be a “little-Doug-like” too.  Everyday they have to sell, they have to round accounts and they also have to do all those minute detail things that sales people couldn’t do perfectly if their life depended on it (Remember, I’m Doug like – I’m pretty sure they would kill me if I sat in the service department)

Are salespeople important?  You bet!  But don’t forget that the team behind the salesperson is the team that keeps the parts of that well tuned engine running smoothly.  Without them – Doug would be a great salesperson without someone to sell for.

The insurance industry is changing, and at Founders we are changing along with it.  Team Founders behind the scenes is learning more about sales, and Team Founders sales is learning more about service – together that’s a force that any client is lucky to have.

Cheers to Team Founders  and to all those behind the scenes people who make the salesperson look good every day.

Cindy Donaldson – the non nuts and bolts kinda girl

ps – I’ve asked Doug to be a blogger and he’s agreed!  He needs to pass his exam first – and then we will let him loose on WordPress. Be on the look out for the next generation’s perspective.

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