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Looking Out For Leo

July 2, 2009
Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

I have been asked what it is that I actually do for fun when I am not sitting in my “Man Cave” puffing on cigars and blogging. I ride motorcycles. I ride them as often and as far as I can. I ride them to all corners of America and many parts of Canada. I have been baked in the desert, hailed and snowed on in the mountains and rained on in the plains. I am fortunate that my beautiful bride also loves to do the same and she seldom touches my cigars.

Rather than talking about indemnity, combined single limit, cost sharing, workers compensation,  and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, I talk about squids, rice rockets, Leo’s, twisties and ape hangers. It’s part of the language of the road.

Everyone needs something other than the daily grind. Riding is my something. It reminds me of what a great and beautiful country we live in and once in a very rare moment, I am reminded of the important role that insurance plays in America. It is a crucial part of our economic fabric. It allows us to take on risks that we might not otherwise take and be protected against a loss that we may never be able to cover by our own means. It helps us to attempt greatness.

Am I being a little over the top? Maybe I am, but it’s a good cigar tonight! When we are speaking the language of insurance, seek out a good advisor, one that has your best interests in mind. It may take more than fifteen minutes and that’s OK.

As for Leo, or law enforcement officer, we riders and drivers need to be on our best behavior!

Thanks for spending your valuable time with me today!

Chris Garlasco

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