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My Ice Cream Dream

September 8, 2009
Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

Many of you that live outside of New England may be unaware that New England is famous for its homemade ice cream. Small homemade ice cream shops litter the New England countryside. Vermont’s Ben and Jerry’s have captured America’s attention as one of the great New England ice cream makers, but there are many other equally great brands. At the risk of upsetting my fellow statesmen, I truly believe that the very best of New England’s ice cream comes from the great state of Maine.

Over the recent Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with one of my cousins at his summer retreat on the central Maine coast. There, along US Route 1, he introduced me to Dorman’s Dairy Dream.  it’s a small, seasonal ice cream shop along the roadside. Inside of their tiny wooden building, they produce some of New England’s finest ice cream. Visit them on Facebook :’s

As the weekend progressed, I found myself “dreaming” of Dorman’s. To my disappointment, Dorman’s is closed on Sundays. My cousin and I, who in order to n85219986339_3140protect his identity, I will call “Bill,” began to conspire on how we might be able to break into Dorman’s on Sunday to procure some of this frosty treat. Bill noted that the building looked old and simply “jimmying” the lock might do the trick. I suggested a “smash and grab” in which we would drive through the front door on my motorcycle, and make off with as much Butter Crunch, Bill’s favorite flavor, as we could carry. As Saturday evening carried on, we plotted and planned our new life of crime as the thought of simply buying some ice cream from the supermarket never crossed our minds. When Sunday arrived, we rationed what little Dorman’s we had left in the freezer, savoring every spoonful. I should mention at this point that my wife was growing concerned with this new found obsession, offering up her rationed spoonful in hopes of sparing me withdrawal symptoms.

Being that this is an insurance blog, you may be coming to the conclusion that this story, might be one created to point out the need for insurance as the world is filled with unsavory, ice cream thieving types such as myself and Bill. It would be a reasonable conclusion, but not the correct one. The real message here is that size really does matter. In this case, Dorman’s Dairy Dream is a small local business that has produced good service and a quality product since 1951. Dorman’s has become an important part of the fabric of that community. Independent insurance agencies here in New England are of similar ilk. The Founders Insurance Group, with roots dating back to 1874, has a similar commitment to that local fabric. Insurance buyers are changing, and we need to change along with them in order to serve the next generation, however, there is something to be said about knowing the people that have been part of your community for generations. It’s a commitment to integrity that isn’t easily explained in a thirty second television spot.

I can’t wait tell you about my re-discovery of the Whoopie Pie! Have a great day,

Chris Garlasco

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