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Goin’ to the Gun Club

September 18, 2009
Cindy Donaldson, Marketing Director - Founders Insurance Group

Cindy Donaldson, Marketing Director - Founders Insurance Group

For those of you that know me well – I’m a moderate, leaning towards liberal, not really the NRA card carrying far right kinda girl.  Although I grew up in a farming family – I’m pretty far from the proverbial “red neck”.  Ok…so I’ve plucked a chicken, slopped some hogs and helped a cow give birth – but that was way before my insurance life.

That all being said – I am attending an NRA sponsored event at a local Rod & Gun club.  I’m going to shoot a hand gun maybe a shot gun (not really sure on the precise itinerary), perhaps sling a few arrows and learn some self defense.  I already took off the nail polish, will forgo the pedicure this weekend and will  put on my flannel shirt – I am ready to go!

Before all my old college buddies split their pants due to uncontrollable laughter and are asking Why? Why? Why?  I’ll tell you.  It was an opportunity and I said what the hell – I might as well learn some new tricks – you never know when I might decide to go live on the land and have to kill a deer or two to survive. 

Besides – I, Cindy Donaldson, am a risk taker.  I find it really hard to pass up a challenge.  This NRA gig is  just one of many that have popped up in my lifetime.

Let me pull this back into the insurance world.  This morning I was chatting with Doug and Joe our new sales guys.  I suggested that the sales team – and me of course – get a fleet of BMW’s and Armani suits.  We travel as a team – I think we would look impressive.  Of course, my boss got wind of my ranting and came into my office with the classic  “Did you tell these kids they are getting BMWs?”  I said “Well as a matter of fact I did!”  I then shut up.  My boss smiled and said  “ I like it – show me the money”  This of course was a challenge – Game On.  He was thinking – they are going to have to sell a hell of a lot of insurance for me and my partners to even consider the fleet of sports cars and designer suits.    I’m thinking:  Oh, yeah – I’ll take a black convertible, loaded and a custom fitted suit (even though I’m really not a suit girl, but we all have to make sacrifices).  He knows I love a challenge and I will push the team to get to our goals.  I see it as a win-win.  Side note: Joe, a BMW fan and current  BMW owner, is in charge of picking out the new fleet of cars.  I think I made his day.

Now – we will have to sell a hell of a lot of insurance to get there, but isn’t that what sales is all about?  The challenge, the thrill of the win?  Any way you put it, this is one hell of a fun goal to try and reach!

Moral of the story:  Take some chances, and go out on a limb.  Take an NRA class, tell your boss he needs to buy you a BMW, jump out of an airplane – live it up!   You might just be surprised at the results!  Remember what Napoleon Hill said:

“ A goal is a dream with a deadline.”  So don’t just dream, plan and do.

Cheers and Happy Risk Taking!

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