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Creatures of Habit

December 3, 2009

Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I traveled with my wife to a neighboring state to attend her high school class reunion. I did my very best to play the role of the supportive husband all the while I was secretly dreading the very thought of attending. As Saturday evening drew near, I desperately searched for a creative way to squirm out of my commitment.

Shortly after arriving, my normally quiet wife disappeared and began to “work the room.” I quietly sat, alone at a corner table with a very pregnant woman from Buffalo that had also been left alone while her husband made the rounds. It didn’t take very long before “Sky” and I had nothing to talk about. In a desperate effort to break up the monotony, I actually thought of sticking a fork in my eye. I instead opted for a spoon and a third trip to the desert table in an effort to drown my sorrows in an all out sugar explosion.

As the minutes crawled by, I found myself studying the room full of people. It occurred to me that this reunion wasn’t unlike one that I attended from my high school many years ago. I took note of the fact that everyone seemed to jump right back into the cliques that they had once belonged many years before. There were the “preps,” the “jocks” and the “nerds.” Even though the years had marched on, everyone seemed to unwittingly return to their old roles. This reunion could have been anyone’s reunion. We are creatures of habit. We gravitate back to the things that we know. I suppose it’s what makes us feel secure.

Since I feel a strong need to tie insurance into each blog entry, you may be wondering what my angle is on this notion that we are creatures of habit. While some habits are good for us, some, like my cigar smoking, are simply bad. Insurance consumers have developed a bad habit, fostered by a few insurance companies; it’s called “price buying.” Price has become the product! It’s a dangerous habit that can lead our clients to financial ruin. We have reached the point where a large segment of the population cares little about the quality of the actual insurance product and more about the price.

Since we are creatures of habit, we independent agents are faced with the job of breaking that habit with a common sense approach to selling insurance. Our challenge has never been greater to reach out to the client and explain our coverage recommendations and carrier choice. Let’s not be the perpetuators of bad habits.

Chris Garlasco


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