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It’s all about the Math!

December 8, 2009

Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

This blog has been dedicated to informing and representing our clients. The job of an independent agent is to represent the best interests of our clients. We do not work for any insurance company. It is with that key point in mind that I am obligated to again talk about the government’s plan to reform health insurance.  I want to be very clear. Strongly opposing this legislation does not mean that I am opposed to health care reform. I am very much in favor of meaningful reform that will benefit and protect our clients. The current legislation that is being proposed fails on almost every level.

My point of view doesn’t come from a political affiliation. My point of view doesn’t come from money that we make from selling health care. (It’s generally less than 5%). My point of view comes from the math and only the math.

The math doesn’t work, period. It will raise the cost of care, it will damage small business’ further and the vast majority of Americans that are currently on private plans will see a decrease in coverage and care. It will take a few short years, but it will happen. It’s about the math.  Math isn’t emotional. Math doesn’t belong to a political party. Math doesn’t favor one opinion over another.

The idea that the government can run an insurance program while ignoring the basic math principles of insurance is disaster waiting to happen. Furthermore, the key points about the current legislation will do irreparable damage to anyone with a private plan. That is a fact of pure mathematics.

Sadly, there is really nothing that remotely comes close to fixing out of control health care costs. Those costs will continue to skyrocket and we will have missed our opportunity to fix this problem before it gets worse.  The government will have only two options, ration care or raise taxes continuously to cover the cost of a stunning bureaucracy. It comes down to the math.

Are we rationing care today? Yes, however, the number of people that will feel the effects of rationing will increase tenfold! If you are on a private plan today, at some point, you will be affected.  I urge you to contact your legislator and ask that this legislation be struck down. I then ask you to request that they return to the drawing board and start fresh, taking time to learn how the math actually works. America’s Medicare system is nearing bankruptcy for the above mentioned reasons. This will be far worse. The danger is that when we see the end result of this terrible legislation, it will be too late. I also encourage you to contact our office and speak to me directly. This is a fight that America can’t afford to lose!

Chris Garlasco


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