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Proud to be a Business Owner

March 2, 2010

Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

One of the most enjoyable parts of blogging is the ability to occasionally vent a little bit about whatever might be on my mind. What has been most on my mind of late is the constant barrage of negative statements about business in America. I have come to the conclusion that this is being driven by a small group of people in the media and in politics for personal gain. Even though it has been business, especially small business, along with the American worker that has made this country great for over two hundred years. We should never apologize for our success and like many businessmen and women; I am growing tired with this daily onslaught. The business community is made up of the American community. Business creates the vast majority of American jobs while government creates only a tiny minority. Since the business world is very large, like in all large communities, there are a few “bad apples”, but they do not represent the very large majority.

I want to tell you a great patriotic business story that comes to mind when I think of business in America. In this case, it’s a story about “big” business and September 11, 2001. On that day, not unlike the day of JFK’s assassination, everyone can remember where they were when the towers were struck. My wife Sora, and I were flying that day. We were stranded in Chicago as our plane was grounded for the unforeseeable future. I quickly made a rental car reservation and went to Hertz to pick up my car for the long drive to Connecticut. When we arrived at Hertz, there was a very long line of people that also had reservations. The problem was that due to the tragedy, there weren’t any cars available because those that had them were not returning them. It was a hot September day in Chicago and those of us in line were growing tired. The majority of those in line were outdoors in the sun. After a short while, The Hertz employees appeared with soda and water as well as a bunch of snacks at their expense while we hopefully waited for an available car. After waiting nearly two hours, a Hertz bus arrived and we were told that if we desired, Hertz would shuttle us to a nice hotel where they had secured a large block of rooms. We all gathered on the bus and when we arrived at the hotel we were told by a Hertz employee that all hotel rooms would be paid for by Hertz! We would be able to stay at the hotel until a car was made available to us. Luckily, we only had to wait one extra day. Hertz did not increase the rental rate to take advantage of the high demand, they paid for our hotel as well as some food and water and they couldn’t have been nicer about it!

Things like this happen each and every day in businesses across America. A business is nothing more than a collection of fellow Americans. Business has built the foundation of the American economy. I fear that this point will be lost among the rhetoric. Business owners take great risks in building their companies. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake the next generation of potential business owners will be as willing to take those risks in an ever increasing hostel political environment.

I am traveling to Chicago again in a couple of months; I guess you can imagine where I rented my car!

Have a great day!

Chris Garlasco

Neither Chris Garlasco, nor the Founders Insurance Group, Inc is compensated in any way for any statements made in today’s entry.

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