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The Founders Family: William Eggers.

October 18, 2010


Bill Eggers, Founders client (l) with Joseph Lipski, Founders Insurance Consultant (r)


We love Bill Eggers. Why?  Because he is one of those individuals who lights up a room with his energy and enthusiasm for life.  Bill is a retired contractor and wood worker,  lives in the beautiful town of Goshen Connecticut with his wife Kathy and has some pretty amazing hobbies.

You see, Bill Eggers is a history buff who has taken his interest in the past to an all new level. He recreates what interests him – in wood. The first time I met Bill, it was at an event in downtown Torrington. He and his lovely wife were dressed to the nines in 1800’s period garb. Why do


Bill Eggers in Kent CT showing off his Coach!


you ask were they dressed like they just hopped off a stage-coach? Because, they were showcasing their ¾ pony size working replica of the historic “Concord Coach” originally built between 1813-1892. Bill recreated this classic historic coach in its entirety – from the frame down to the intricate painting details, stained glass windows and accessories. The costumes were designed and created by his wife Kathy. Talk about a creative team!


Bill Eggers Chariot at the Harwinton Fair!


Now step back a bit further to about the first century, that’s what Bill did. Yes, Mr. Eggers has created a full size, accurate reproduction of the famous movie chariot from “Ben Hur”. I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself

at the Harwinton Fair last month. There sat the chariot in all its glory and along side was a full-sized mannequin who looked a tad like Charlton Heston! You could picture the chariot racing around the track, Charlton Heston holding onto the reigns. Amazing stuff.


The first motorcycle - and the model Bill Eggers will recreate in wood - including the motor! Stay tuned


So what is next for Mr. Eggers – well he is going to build a reproduction of the first motorcycle ever built. Some history:  In 1885 Gottlieb Daimler strapped a gas engine to a wooden bicycle and the world’s first gas-powered motorcycle was born   According to Bill, his version will be constructed of wood – including the motor. Stay tuned on this one, the stories about the process are going to be pretty incredible.

When asked if he could describe Founders Insurance Group in one word he said “Family”. We think that way about Bill too – he is part of our Founders family and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Best of luck Bill and thank you for sharing your fascinating hobbies with us!

Cindy Donaldson – Bill Eggers Fan Club Member


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