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Why Founders? A morning with Herb Prem.

October 29, 2010

In September we invited some of our Platinum clients into our Lakeville office for a photo/video shoot. The purpose?  So they can tell their story as to why they chose Founders Insurance Group.

Mr. Herb Prem epitomizes gentleman.  As a retired attorney, his wealth of knowledge and life experience is fascinating.  He’s the type of gentleman that you just want to spend time chatting with and that’s exactly what we did!


Here is what we talked about:

Q: In your opinion, what makes Founders different than other insurance agencies?

A: Several smaller agencies, each strengthened by being a part of a larger stronger whole, Thus, the advantages of being with a small, community agency, but which can demand the responsiveness from the underwriters of a much larger agency.


Q: If you could describe Founders Insurance Group in one word, what would that word be?

A: Community

Q: When it comes to working with an insurance agent, what is most important to you?

A: Personal attention, knowing that your business is important to the agent. Founders delivers this.


Q: Why did you choose to do business with an independent insurance agency such as Founders versus an online vendor or a captive vendor?

A: Personal insurance, as the name implies, is not like corporate insurance.  It requires mutual trust and respect, a human relationship.  It is not a commodity to be purchased online or off the shelf in response to amusing TV commercials.

“I have had 2 insurance problems over the last 8 years; one, a complicated valuation of my 18th C. home, the other, the continuation of my no-fault medical reimbursements more than 3 years after a whiplash auto accident. In each case, Bill Willis, a partner in the firm, stepped in, contacted senior officers of CHUBB, spent a great deal of his time, and resolved both issues to my complete satisfaction. The no-fault reimbursements still continue after more than 4 years…an extraordinary length of time for such an accident. That’s what Founders means to me. Personal interest and attention, from the top down. Thank you.” Herb Prem


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