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Square apples and other cool stuff – are you with me?

January 5, 2011

Cindy Donaldson, Director of Marketing & Personal Lines Sales - Founders Insurance Group

The way we do business is changing – good, bad or indifferent – it’s changing. More and more people are giving up paper books, newsprint and magazines for e-readers, RSS feed and blogs. I for one fought off digital “print” for awhile but I must admit I do love my Kindle. I still need to curl up on the couch on a Sunday morning with a cup of Joe and my local paper though – I’m not sure that’s going anywhere soon.

That all being said, I’m still amazed that there are people and companies who are fighting the digital revolution. Do they not realize that the younger generation, not 10 year olds but those graduating from college, don’t even use email anymore? I know this first hand as I’m a mom of a 19 and 21 year old. If I want to get in touch with my kids I send a text message, I don’t even bother leaving a voicemail on their cell phones – it will be ignored.

Take that a step further into the business arena. Word of mouth is king. A company can be made or broken via a Tweet, a post on Facebook, or a video on YouTube. Sure, multi-million dollar advertising campaigns still exist – I must mention our insurance competitors Allstate and Geico – they are spending a ton of money on some pretty catchy commercials. But in the end what is their true ROI, will they be able to sustain that kind of budget? Only time will tell.

I’m a believer in silver linings. The recent economic “crash” has produced some pretty cool entrepreneurs and outside the box thinkers that are changing the way we do business. Martini lunches, big expense budgets and over the top traditional advertising campaigns are going bye-bye.

Want to be successful in this new decade? Think forward, think young and think non-traditional. Perhaps even buy a Kindle, hop on Facebook, send a Tweet or two, put some pictures on Flickr, read a few blogs – heck why not start one and just open yourself up to the possibilities. Or…you can wither away and let your competition swallow you up. I suppose the choice is yours.

Personally – I’m going to post this blog on my Facebook page and send it out over the Twitterverse. Then I’m going to grab my second cup of coffee and check out the latest post from one of my favorite social media gurus – Chris Brogan ( . If you don’t know who he is…tsk, tsk, tsk!

Cheers to Change!

Cindy Donaldson

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  1. Spock permalink
    January 6, 2011 1:56 am

    The still make printed newpapers? I buy mine on the Kindle!


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