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Kermit – it IS easy being Green…

January 6, 2011

Frank Buonocore, Jr., Owner & Managing Partner

From our fearless leader Frank Buonocore, Jr. to Founders’ staff , we thought it was worth sharing…

Founders Insurance is continuing and expending our “Go Green” initiatives in 2011. We will send reminders about how to reduce the amount of stuff we put into the waste stream throughout the year and also make an effort to reduce our electricity usage.

You will see our commitment to environmental awareness as part of the January office renovation. The lights will be modified to use “T-8” technology. The 20+ lights will use 25% less power with no reduction in illumination. Plus, the exit signs will be replaced with ones using LED lights-next to no power usage. The office side renovated in 2006 already has efficient lighting.

So, we will have our own “Green” inauguration today.


  • Single stream recycling allows us to easily return any plastic you can rinse, any cardboard including packaging (break it down), glass (don’t break), office paper. Discard the tops of plastic and glass containers.
  • Shredding bin is used for paper with sensitive client data. All other office paper should be recycled.
  • There is a red bin in the back now for recycling. Please use it.

Most of the reason for an environmental conscience is self serving.

We need to reverse global warming so I can have a longer ski season.

Well said Frank…well said.


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