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Oh oh…my basement is flooded!

March 18, 2011

Cindy Donaldson, Director of Marketing & Personal Lines Sales - Founders Insurance Group

Happy Day after St. Patty’s Day!  I know most of you would expect some light banter from me on a day such as this, but I thought I would post information about flooded basements as it seems everyone and their mother is suffering from them here in Connecticut!

What happens when your sump pump fails, you get water back up from sewers and drains and your basement is now flooded?

The back up of sewer and drains as well as the failure of a sump pump is excluded from a standard Homeowners Policy and Flood Policy.  The damage you sustain from these problems will also not be covered and the cost of losses and clean up can be extensive.

You must ENDORSE your homeowners policy with Water Back Up & Sump Pump Overflow coverage.

Heavy rains, like we are experiencing here in Connecticut now can trigger a back up. Storm and sanitary sewers can’t handle the heavy flow and can back up into your home through sump wells or washtubs and toilets in the basement. Sump pumps usually fail from power outages or motor failures as they run on electricity and during a bad storm many times the power will go out. You can get sump pumps with battery back ups, which can help for a period of time but not for ever.

Beyond the water in your basement making a mess, water can also damage things such as washer and dryers, furnaces, hot water tanks and just all the stuff you store in your basement!  Water and sewage will pretty much destroy whatever it comes in contact with.  If it isn’t cleaned properly mold can become a serious problem rather quickly.

Also remember Flood Policies have limited coverage.  Click here to read about the National Flood Insurance Program.  Even if you have Flood Coverage you should also have the Water Back Up & Sump Pump Overflow Endorsement as the endorsement will cover items not covered on your Flood Policy.

Endorsing your Homeowners Policy with the Water Back Up & Sump Pump Overflow coverage (fairly inexpensive!) will save you thousands in clean up dollars!

Give Founders Insurance Group a call today – let’s make sure your basement survives the thaw of the wild winter of 2011!

Call us – 800-762-7369  Email me  or visit our website!

Cindy Donaldson

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