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The Three Me’s!

May 27, 2011

Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

Many of you know that I am a “biker dude,” an “insurance dude” and a “pipe collector dude.” To many folks, these are all contrasting worlds. As a “biker dude” I will dress a certain way and as an “insurance dude,” well, that comes with a uniform too. The “pipe collector” dude sometimes comes with the uniform that resembles a history professor although I tend to shy away from patches on the elbows.

Over time I have noticed that upon entering a store or restaurant in my insurance uniform, I am treated with far attention and respect. In my “pipe collector” uniform my treatment is somewhat mixed. Generally it’s with comments about fond memories of a family member that smoked a pipe. Sometimes it’s assumed that I am a philosophical or contemplative chap. Sometimes it’s with outright, an often unjustified hostility.

Last weekend, while in my “biker uniform,” my wife and I stopped for

Chris Garlasco - "Biker Dude"

lunch in one of Connecticut’s many upscale towns. This restaurant is kind of a laid back place without any special dress code. While not filled with folks in Harley shirts, it had its share of those wear tee-shirts and flip-flops. This was a place I had visited on several occasions in my insurance uniform. My wife, Sora, was the first to notice that the looks we received could have killed the best of souls!

The person that is me is the same. I don’t act differently, I still hold the same belief and value systems , although I must admit by virtue of the motorcycle activities, I may be a bit cleaner in the insurance uniform.

Chris Garlasco "Pipe Collector Dude"

Perception is everything. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but sometimes it causes us to misjudge and make decision-making mistakes. In the world of insurance, perception often rules the day. I was recently outraged by the Wall Street Journal’s Guide to Buying Homeowner’s Insurance. I first must admit that I enjoy the paper very much, but the “Guide” had been so poorly researched that it was clear that its author had used perception for many of the assumptions.

Insurance companies that offer the perception of cheap rates and better coverage are playing to those that are not willing to do the research or have someone do it for them.

The lesson I have learned from this is twofold. First, I have become very aware of our perception here at Founders. Secondly, and more importantly, I have become more aware of my own perceptions!

Have a Great Day!

Chris Garlasco

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