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Are you socially scared?

June 14, 2011

Cindy Donaldson, Director of Marketing & Personal Lines Sales - Founders Insurance Group

I work in a fairly regulated industry – Insurance. We are kind of like bankers, financial planners, stock brokers and other number geeks – we have lots of rules.

Because of those rules, many insurance agents, agencies, brokers and companies are running scared when it comes to social media.


Take a peek at this YouTube video entitled Social Media Revolution and stop being scared! 

Do I tweet, do I let my staff use Facebook during the day, and how do I monitor the craziness of the World Wide Web and all it entails?

The answer: You set up a process and you have a procedure. As my boss would say – Implement, Monitor and Control – the ole Management 101 speech. He is absolutely correct. The bottom line is you can’t watch everything but you can set up controls that will protect you and your company from disaster.


Here is my advice:

  1. Have a social media policy for your company, and make sure every employee understands your position on how what where and why social media can or cannot be used not only during the work day but after hours.
  2. Have a point person within your business oversee that policy and be in charge of monitoring not only the company’s social media sites, but spot checking the employee sites if indeed you’ve informed your employees that you will do so.
  3. Said point person needs to monitor every day and also have some type of web alert system set up – I use Google Alerts, it’s easy and it’s free.
  4. Continually be searching sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List and others to see if anything is written about your company – if it is negative make sure you respond immediately.
  5. Once you have all of these controls and monitoring devices in place you can’t just sit back and tweet away, you need to be aware that new social media venues and sites are being invented daily.
  6. Lastly – embrace it. Social media is here to stay, so you either get on board or you miss out. For those of you pre-WWW. Remember thinking you would never use that thing called e-mail? Or forget having a website – that’s so passé. Well….think again. Big Brother is here and that’s how we are doing business!
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