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Let’s talk improved “Cash Flow”!

June 27, 2011

Jeff Saylor - Select Customer Sales Manager, The Hartford

Thanks to our guest blogger: Jeff Saylor from The Hartford!

What’s better than having a limitless line of credit?


Available cash on hand to operate your business while waiting on accounts receivables!

Cash flow is arguably one of the most important financial measures to a business, but least maximized.

    Positive cash flow is the life blood of the day to day ongoing operations of any size business. Whether you’re running a company of one or one thousand, having enough cash flow during critical periods (especially if your business has seasonal peaks and valleys) of a business cycle could mean all the difference!

How can an Insurance Professional help cash flow?

Most can’t, but some can!

    Workers’ compensation insurance premiums are a major portion of any business’ insurance costs. Your business can suffer a real-flow crunch when your down payment, first installment, audit payment and flat annual assessments all come due at the same time. The Hartford Insurance Company is just one of a few carriers that have a bill plan option that aligns your premium payments to your actual payroll throughout the year. The workers’ compensation premium is paid according to your actual payroll, not an estimated guess.

    If your business could use a “shot in the arm” with better cash flow. Talk with the professionals at Founders Insurance to see if “Pay-as-you-go” bill plans would work for you!


Jeff Saylor – Select Customer Sales Manager

The Hartford

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