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Chef Christopher?

August 5, 2011

Iron Chef Christopher

Like all offices, Founders is no exception in the odd antics department. Last May, with the “advice” of our persistent Marketing Director (aren’t all Marketing Directors this way!), Cindy Donaldson, we decided to succumb to years of pressure and return to “Jeans Friday.” Jeans Friday would offer a chance for our staff to wear jeans on Friday’s during the summer months in exchange for a small donation to a local charity. My business partner, Dennis Dressel, added that we should make Friday’s a day in which we would “grill lunch” for the employees. It would be a nice little treat for our hard working staff. I could already see fear in the eyes of my other business partner, Frank Buonocore as he too would have to take his turn at the grill. Frank’s fear didn’t just come from a complete aversion to cooking, but also in his role of maintaining our building, he would be in charge of finding a picnic table and grill.

Founders Group is located in a fairly quite section of town, but over the year’s small items have disappeared from our parking lot during the evening hours. This has been a source of frustration for Frank and now he had a picnic table to worry about!

Grill Master Frank

As June approached, Frank dug deep holes into the ground behind our building and filled them with concrete to secure the picnic table. We soon had our grill and the cooking schedule was now set. Frank, for the entire twelve years that we have been partners has enjoyed the exact same lunch each and every day, an English muffin with hot Chinese mustard and a piece of fruit, so he was lobbying for help at the grill and offering disclaimers for his cooking to anyone that would listen.

Master Chef Dennis

Dennis on the other hand is proud of his “grill prowess” and like me, is competitive by nature. He is also a skilled technician over the fires of a gas grill. We began cooking with typical picnic food like hot dogs and hamburgers. In a short period of time, with each partner attempting to outdo the other and Frank doing his best not to accidently poison any staff members, our meals became more ambitious. We moved through chicken on our way to steaks and seafood. My last turn consisted of bone-in ribeye steaks that wowed the staff and nearly killed me as I stood for the two lunch hours over the hot grill with one hundred degree outside temperatures. Dennis is counter punching with his famous steaks this Friday and offering a lower calorie chicken dish! I will be watching closely planning my next move and looking for weakness’s in his game. I’ll be ready for next week as I have my game face on.

Frank, for his part is praying for rain.

Have a great day!

Chris Garlasco

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  1. August 5, 2011 4:08 pm

    Leave it to the Marketing Director to come up with the idea, and the team to execute it with fun. And this is an insurance agency? 🙂

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