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The Cookie Lady

December 5, 2011

Cindy Donaldson, Director of Marketing & Sales - Founders Insurance Group

Back in the day, before insurance, I use to be a salesperson. Now I manage salespeople – I gotta say the selling was a bit easier than the managing! Everyone needs a Yoda – that all knowing guru who guides you to greatness. I had two major Yodas that beat a few things into my stubborn head over the years. You know what? I listened to them. You know what else? They were right. I sold a bunch just for following a few simple rules and tricks. Meet my yodas: Mark Johns and Phillip Crum – Brilliant, great sales people .


I’ve decided to pay forward some of their wisdom.

Here is the advice that stuck, and now I’m preaching to my team:

Mark Johns

Rule 1 (Mark Johns) – The only way to get out of a sales slump is to sell something.

Rule 2 (Mark Johns) – When you cold-call you want to accomplish 2 things – get a name and leave a name. That means ask for the decision maker’s name and leave your business card. Oh..and see rule 3.

Rule 3 (Phillip Crum) – food woos. Phillip used donuts to get past even the toughest gatekeeper. I used cookies. Do what works for you.

Rule 4 (Mark & Phillip) – Hit the road on Fridays or in the rain. It shows dedication.

Rule 5 (Phillip & Mark) – Have a game plan. No plan leads to chaos, leads to not reaching your goals.

Rule 6 (Phillip) – surround yourself with winners and you will be a winner. Surround yourself

Phillip Crum

with losers..well you get the picture.

Rule 7 (Mark) – sales isn’t rocket science – it’s a process.

Rule 8 (Mark) Contact the right people, the right number of times, with the right message and ask for their business. THIS is the sales process.

Rule 9 (Phillip & Mark) – you have to go through a bunch of “no’s” to get to one yes. Don’t give up at no number 3 – you got a few to go.

Rule 10 (Phillip & Mark) No one is going to buy from you unless you ask for the sale – no one.

Sell on people….Sell on!  Oh…and if you would like to join my salesteam, give me a call! 860-482-3506 or send  your resume to


p.s. Mark has a new book out Life Sentences. Check it out!


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