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Are you a Leader?

May 14, 2012

Cindy Donaldson, Director of Marketing &  Sales – Founders Insurance Group

Leaders change things, they aren’t afraid of failure and they nurture their followers to be better people.

It’s election year, so the word “Leader” gets tossed about more than I would like, but I don’t want to talk about presidents, senators or representatives. I want to talk about people like you and me. Leaders can be your average Joe or Josie. Leaders don’t have to have a PhD from Harvard, they don’t need to be a blue blood with a famous last name and they surely don’t need to be wealthy or have the “perfect job”. They don’t need to stand on a stage and have people chant their name – although some true leaders have experienced just that. Take a look around you – who is the leader in the group?

Leaders can be silent people who change lives without others knowing it – until after they’re gone or perhaps when someone tells the world of their greatness. Silent leaders don’t have big egos – they “lead and do”  because they are driven to do so for moral and ethical reasons. They just want to make the world a better place. Think of the people in your community who work countless hours with those less fortunate. The people that see a need and take action gather the troops and make a difference in the lives of others. Think what your community would be like without social leaders. Very different.

Leaders can be Yodas, or teachers, who want to share their knowledge. They get great joy in watching their students grow. Their students want to be like them when they “grow up”, want to emulate their lives. No, they don’t have to be little green men and you don’t have to be Luke Skywalker. You do have to open your mind to change, think outside the box and perhaps not be a constant creature of your habits. Yodas change lives for the better – although you might not realize the transformation until after it’s complete.

At any point in your life you will have an opportunity to lead someone to greatness or affect change in their life. You will also have an opportunity to be a follower as there are many brilliant leaders out their willing to share their knowledge and experience. Grab onto both opportunities – you won’t be sorry.

I’ve done both and both experiences have been amazing. I’ve loved being a leader and I’ve savored being a follower. I’ve met some amazing people in my life to date, and I don’t plan on stopping now!

To lead or to follow – it’s timing, it’s a personal choice. Where do you stand today?

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  1. June 13, 2012 12:22 pm

    Nice article Cindy. You always set a great example for the rest of us to follow. You jump right in and stay involved with your community which is a plus for you and them!

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