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Healthy Bodies – Healthy Minds….well that’s what we’re shooting for!

April 10, 2013

Today is the first day of Founders Wellness Challenge – we plan on getting a bit healthier. Although insurance is fun, exciting and beyond the coolest profession, it doesn’t lead to a very “active” day. We sit at our desks for 8+ hours a day and let’s be honest – we move to hit the kitchen or the restroom and that’s about it. We all know that exercise releases endorphins which make you happier, and eating healthier gives you more energy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that spending 12 weeks having some “healthy and competitive” fun will be good for the team.

We split up into 4 teams – mine is made up of Cheryl Plawecki, Bryan Johnson and David Coons (my better half – yes we encouraged non Founders people to join us) We are “Mission Slimpossible” – thank you Mr. Johnson for our name J By the way – we plan on winning this thing!

Today we had to weigh in and take our measurements – it wasn’t pretty and now I realize why my summer clothes are just a little more than snug. How does that happen…Ok I know how it happens, I’m just534136_10151008945231422_44048685_n trying to make myself feel better about my added winter poundage. We all know that being accountable to someone else helps in any change of behavior – so we are using an online tracking tool so people can diary their daily food and exercise. No excuses! I’ve set up a points system so even those that don’t need to lose any weight can win by giving up a bad habit, sharing healthy recipes, taking on a new fitness challenge, gaining muscle weight and more!

We also tapped into our insurance carriers to get some cool SWAG – pedometers, water bottles, tape measures, fitness balls, exercise bands. We are ready to rock!

Wish us luck, or better yet why not start your own wellness challenge?

For me – besides fitting back into my summer clothes – I just want to be healthy.  This pic is post Litchfield Hills Road Race last year – I vowed I wouldn’t do it again, but hey – maybe I should!

Happy Trails!

Mission Slimpossible Team Member

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