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Why LinkedIn is a salesperson’s best friend

May 7, 2013


Cindy Donaldson Director of Marketing & Sales

Cindy Donaldson
Director of Marketing & Sales

If you are in sales and don’t use LinkedIn – you are missing the boat. I’ve done several seminars and training modules on using LinkedIn to boost your bottom line – I get it, it seems so obvious to me, yet still I see salespeople resist connecting with others online for business.  Oh the 


LinkedIn is like a huge Chamber of Commerce in the Cloud” – I’ve preached often to my listeners. You have the ability to connect with people that can help grow your business, and in turn your bottom line, so much quicker than 10 or 20 years ago! Take advantage of it!

  • Imagine being able to have access to a group of like-minded individuals all looking to help each other. LinkedIn can do this.
  • Imagine being able to find someone who knows your #1 prospect – you know that one who has been on your “hit list” for 5 years. LinkedIn can do this.
  • Imagine being able to search by zip code, by industry, by key word and find individuals or companies who are in your target market. LinkedIn can do this.

Oh but it gets better…

Psst…Here is LinkedIn’s biggest secret – the biggest bang for your buck: The power is not necessarily found in those you are directly connected to (your 1st level), but in your connections’ connections. Yes it’s your 2nd and 3rd level of connections that you should be looking at. Let’s face it, you somehow already know the majority of people on your first level – now take a look at who they are connected to. I bet there are a few potential clients hidden in there somewhere! In fact I will go out on a limb and say I guarantee there are some potential clients hidden in there. Simply ask the person on your first level to introduce you, better yet – have lunch with both of them. Talk about a warm lead – illusive no more.

I’ve met so many fascinating people on LinkedIn, more importantly I’ve learned from my connections and their connections and their connections.

Here are my last LinkedIn tips for the day:

  1. Create a power profile what makes you different than everyone else? Why should people connect with you? Time to pat yourself on the back.
  2. Connect with people that will help grow your business and work those connections.
  3. Join groups, interact with them.
  4. As for recommendations and use them to get new clients and referrals!
  5. Update and post often.

Connect with me – I’m always looking to learn a few more things, and connect with a few more cool people!

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