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We Consult we don’t Sell…

July 23, 2013
Cindy Donaldson Director of Marketing & Sales

Cindy Donaldson
Director of Marketing & Sales

Founders Insurance Group’s Commercial Lines Account Executive Peggy Hill understands business and is not afraid to share her wealth of knowledge.  “Insurance is simply a part of your risk management – a part of your tool box,” says Peggy.  “It’s all about protecting against future mishaps, because they do happen.  Those mishaps can destroy a company instantly if proper safeguards, such as a comprehensive insurance portfolio, are not in place.”

At Founders,  we focus on what our clients need versus what they currently have.  As the professionals, it is our job to assess your company, evaluate the risks you have and offer you the

Peggy Hill, CLCS
Account Executive

proper insurance to protect your company in case one or more of those unfortunate mishaps occur.  Our process isn’t quick, it’s consultative – we take the time to really understand each and every customer.  The consultation includes a tour of your facility if applicable, meeting with your financial team, reviewing your operations, identifying and mitigating risks,  and studying any loss control issues.

Within any business operation, certain things cannot be mitigated internally.  There is a level of unpredictability in business and in life –  that’s where insurance and having a knowledgeable insurance agent comes in.

“Prior to coming on board with us, there is a lot of time simply talking, asking and answering questions, reviewing and visiting,” says Hill.  “When you’re a Founders client, we become part of your business team – we aren’t just an 800 number.  When you call us, you get a person who is there to advise and help.”

Peggy has a very diverse manufacturing and industrial background with over 20 years of global experience in the industries of: Plastic resins, railroad transportation systems, power systems, pharmaceuticals, liquids manufacturing, medical & surgical device manufacturing and water treatment systems.

She holds a B.S in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Marketing from Columbia University in the City of New York, Six Sigma Black Belt and Project Management Certifications and is in the process of completing a Water Treatment & Distribution Certification Program.  Peggy also holds several medical certifications including HIPAA Protocol, Aseptic Training and OSHA Exposure to Bloodbourne Pathogens.

Founders Insurance Group’s Commercial Team is headquartered in our Torrington Connecticut office.  We offer coverage for the small mom & pop businesses up to international corporations.  Our niche market programs include:  ManufacturersProtect with coverages specifically designed to protect the manufacturing sector including international exposures and hard to place risks; AgriProtect – for our farming clients including gentlemen’s farms, nurseries, equine exposures and manufacturing of their products; HealthCareProtect – oversees our healthcare providers including but not limited to doctors, hospitals and visiting nurse associations and RestaurantProtect which focuses on established restaurants and their vendors.

Founders also offers personal insurance and benefits – allowing a company to have one agent taking care of all their risks.  Our Platinum Accounts Unit, located in Lakeville Connecticut services our High Net Worth Individuals and has a strong Manhattan presence.


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