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The Polar Vortex….BRRRRR!

January 6, 2014

iStock_000014805390XSmallThanks to our friends at NBC for the information on why it’s so darn cold everywhere!  The following is an excerpt from their website on 1/6/2014:

“Connecticut was bracing for another night of freezing temperatures and sub-zero wind chills on Monday night.

Wind chill advisories are up around the state and single-digit temperatures with wind chills anywhere from -15 to -20 were expected overnight, according to NBC Connecticut Chief Meteorologist Brad Field.

Dangerous wind chills are predicted for Tuesday morning as well. Single-digit temperatures and wind chills in the -15 to -20 range will make conditions difficult for kids waiting for buses early Tuesday morning.

The bitter weather is part of a polar vortex that dropped brutal cold into the Northern Plains and the Midwest over the weekend and into Monday. Parts of the country saw wind chills that reached 50 to 60 degrees below zero on Monday. Schools closed due to the extreme cold in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.”


Tips from Team Founders:

Protect your pipes from bursting!

  • Open up the cabinet doors underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks  – this will allow warm air to surround the pipes
  • Steady drip of warm water will also help prevent pipes from bursting
  • Try to limit cold drafts – put blankets or towels at the edges of doors or windows
  • Be prepared for power outages – have a generator or woodstove to heat your home
  • If you are going to be away for extended periods of time – make sure you have the temp in your house set at 55 or above.  You can also install a low temp monitor (often times you can get an insurance discount for this!)
  • If a pipe does burst – shut the water off at the source immediately and call your insurance agent.  It will be a mess – and not fun, but we will help you through the process!


We are hearty New Englanders – we can survive the dreaded Polar Vortex!  Stay warm & bring your pets inside!

Call us if you need us!  860-482-3506

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