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Protect your special day with wedding insurance

July 13, 2015

It’s a bride-to-be’s worst nightmare…… but a disaster can ruin a wedding. Anything can go wrong on your big day from TIC WEdding insuranceno-show vendors, to a lost or damaged gown, to extreme weather or a fire leveling your reception hall.

At Founders, we believe your wedding should be all you have ever dreamed of and wanted.

That’s why we offer wedding insurance through the Travelers Insurance Company to protect you from circumstances beyond your control on your special day.

Our policies are affordable, starting at just $160 to cover the loss of photographs, damaged gowns, lost presents and wedding rings, and deposits on venues. It’s a small price to pay considering that the average wedding costs about $29,000, excluding the honeymoon, according to

An analysis done by Travelers’ found problems with venues, lost attire, and vendors are common causes of wedding insurance claims.

Here are 3 worst-case scenarios where having wedding insurance would save the day.

Property damage to a venue. Say you’ve planned a destination wedding in Mexico. But a week before your wedding, the predicted Tropical Storm you’ve kept an eye on quickly turns into a Category 4 Hurricane and destroys the beach-front property you chose for the reception.  The deposit you put down on the property would be reimbursed with wedding insurance so that you could book another space.

Problems with vendors. Caterers, photographers, florists are an essential part of a wedding. But what if your photographer loses or damages your wedding photos and refuses to reimburse you or worse yet – goes out of business and never delivers!. A wedding insurance policy would help pay for your out of pocket expenses.

Lost or damaged attire. The bridal shop where you purchased your dream gown burns to the ground the day along with your wedding dress. With wedding insurance, you would be reimbursed for the cost of the gown to purchase a new one.

PS – Wedding insurance won’t cover a runaway Bride…or Groom.  It’s a question I get asked quite a bit!

Put purchasing wedding insurance on your wedding to-do-list.  You can get the policy yourself right on our website just click here!

Linda Robertson,

Linda Robertson Platinum Accounts Executive

Linda Robertson
Platinum Accounts Executive

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