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Think your company is cyber secure? Take the Cyber Risk Pressure Test

August 11, 2015

Data breaches are a growing threat,  businesses of all sizes in all industries are at risk. Still, many companies, especially small businesses who don’t have an eCommerce platform, think they are immune, or view cyber security as something far down on the list of things to worry about.

But the first rule of cyber risk is that every business has it, whether they realize it or not. Those who do recognize the risk potential often overestimate their defenses. Would you know who to call, how to react, or what to tell your employees, customers, or the media if a data breach occurs? Could your organization handle the potential financial and reputational impact of a very public lawsuit?

Our partners at Travelers have created a powerful, interactive, thought prcyber testovoking tool that helps businesses analyze their cyber risk profile. By asking roughly two dozen insightful questions, the Cyber Risk Pressure Test is able to paint a compelling portrait of your company’s risk profile and where it stands in relation to its peers. The tool offers recommendations and shows how you stack up against similarly sized businesses in your industry and location.

Some of the questions may be very eye-opening, such as, “Do contracts with all third-party service providers and contractors clearly specify their responsibility to safeguard sensitive information, while limiting their access to and use of this sensitive information commensurate with assigned tasks?” You may have a strong cyber security in place for employees, but if it doesn’t apply to third-party vendors with data access, it’s like not having a policy at all.

No business, no matter how prepared, is completely immune to cyber risk. This test demonstrates the pressure points in your operations and suggests pathways for improvement.

At Founders Insurance Agency, we are experts at helping businesses mitigate cyber risk. Like this test, our holistic approach to client health helps expose hidden risk. Take the Cyber Risk Pressure Test today and let us help you keep your digital assets safe, secure, and working for you.

Worried?  Give me a call – let us review your account and see if Cyber Liability coverage is right for you!  860-482-3508

Nancy Swenson

Commercial Lines Account Manager


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