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Did you know Manhattan buyers are looking for these high-end kitchen features?

September 3, 2015
Linda Robertson Platinum Accounts Executive

Linda Robertson
Platinum Accounts Executive

Kitchens remain the heart of any home, no matter how modest or grand. The same holds true in the condos, co-ops, and townhouses of restaurant-rich Manhattan, regardless of whether the owner is an Iron Chef or take-out king.

While kitchens may forever occupy that special lofty place, what constitutes their “must-have” elements continues to evolve.

For top-end buyers, when it comes to the very best in Manhattan kitchens, simply having stainless steel appliances, granite counters, and paneled refrigerators just won’t cut it.

Here are four must-have, of-the-moment elements that would make even Julia Child, whose kitchen is enshrined at the Smithsonian, sing with envy.

Drawers that just provide storage? How passé — The latest and greatest gadgets, like this $72,000 corkscrew, need someplace to live of course, but the discerning Manhattan buyer is looking for refrigerated kitchen drawers. Think of them as replacing the second refrigerator in the suburban home’s garage. In addition to drawers that keep things cool, the savviest buyers are also seeking warming drawers that keep things, well, warm.

Making the ordinary, extraordinary — OK, so the $72,000 corkscrew is over the top even for most Manhattanites, butiStock_000044555338_Small the concept of dressing up what would otherwise be pedestrian appliances with high-end finishes is very much in vogue. Consider the under-counter Scotsman ice maker, designed for home use but with the power to keep the gin and tonics mighty cold for you and 100 of your closest friends.

Why have one when two will do? — Two ovens, two dishwashers, four sinks…if you’re not able to host an episode of Chopped at home, buyers may look elsewhere.

OK, seriously, why have one when two will do? — That high-end kitchen is so gorgeous, so perfect, so glistening, it would be a shame to dirty it up with cooking. Enter the butler kitchen concept. Usually located just off the main kitchen, this smaller one-oven, two-sink kitchen is a secondary space that ends up handling a lot of easy run-of-the-mill, one- or two-person meals. With a secondary kitchen in place, the primo main kitchen is reserved for catered parties, big family dinners, guest celebrity chefs, etc.

At Founders, where many of our Platinum Accounts Unit clients are dual CT/NYC residents, we love staying on top of what’s cooking in Manhattan. What trends are you noticing in high-end real estate? I’d love to hear from you!

Linda Robertson Platinum Accounts Executive

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