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Beyond the English Channel

September 24, 2015
Dennis Dressel President

Dennis Dressel

As many of you know I’m a marathon swimmer – I hit the water as soon as the ice melts.  The joke around Founders is that I’m part polar bear.  I honestly can’t dispute it.

Recently I crossed an adventure off my bucket list: Swimming from Spain to Africa via the Strait of Gibraltar.  The water was a bit more forgiving than the English Channel , the fact that it was warmer was a boost!

Since the team “back home” was eagerly awaiting the outcome of my latest feat – I sent this note along as soon as I finished and was back on dry land.

“At the risk of boring everyone, I swam the Straits of Gibraltar on Friday in a time of 4:57 – it’s about 10 miles from Spain to Morocco. Attached is a video of the finish in Africa. It was a very nice day and Sandy was on the escort boat cheering me on! The water temp ranged from 60 to 67 degrees with numerous giant tankers and freighters passing close by. About 500 people have done it and only 3 or 4 older than me – old folks rule! Now we are enjoying the fine wine and great food. See you next week!”

It was a great time!  Now I have to figure out what’s next – any ideas?

Here I am finishing up. Bucket List Item:  Check!

Dennis Dressel, CPCU

President, Founders Insurance Agency

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  1. September 28, 2015 2:11 pm

    Congratulations, Dennis. All of us are very proud of you.

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