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As home technology gets increasingly sophisticated, need for personal cyber liability protection grows

October 26, 2015

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Even if we ostensibly call a corporate office “home” for our workday, we are spending much more time working in our actual home, either after hours burning the midnight oil or telecommuting. We are also running businesses and complicated personal lives from a home office, and we’re enjoying a much more sophisticated home entertainment experience than we did even just five years ago.

As homeowners and luxury apartment renters increasingly rely on constant connectivity, wireless networks and technology infrastructure at home base are just as vital to overall infrastructure as proper electric, pristine plumbing, and sturdy beams.

The days of plugging in one desktop computer to one outlet on the back of a big bulky cable modem are long gone. With a dozen or more connected devices in play at any one time, the need for more complicated home networking solutions has grown.

High-end buildings in Manhattan like the Mima are recognizing this trend by offering technology concierge services that handle all aspects of setting up and optimizing a home network. An ideal amenity for busy folks who need to be plugged in at all times, this is also a great way to “outsource your life” and claw back some precious free time.

Once your network is on cruise control, you can expand on the “outsource your life” model by hiring aCyber Liability Protection personal tech assistant (here’s just one NYC example) who will set up your devices, upgrade, troubleshoot, teach, and handle the hassles for you.

Though not as front and center a concern as which streaming services are a must, increased connectivity at home brings with it the need for cyber risk management. Founders can now help protect you against losses that occur when family members, staff, assistants, or anyone else on your networks compromises security that leads to a breach.

We tend to focus on hacks occurring on business servers, but if you’re working from home in any capacity — or just using your network to run a busy life — there’s a lot of information potentially at risk: think financial data, business records, medical data. Whether on a quiet road in Litchfield or sitting in the sky in Midtown, our networks are accessible to hackers outside our walls, either through compromise within or attacks from the outside.

Personal cyber liability coverage can help mitigate that risk. Get in touch with me today to learn more about this and all the services we offer to our Platinum Accounts Unit clients

Linda Robertson

Platinum Accounts Executive

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