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Black Friday is almost here. Tis the season – for ID Theft!

November 24, 2015

Cherie PareWe hate to be the Grinch – but this time of year ID Theft increases dramatically. Why? Shopping for the holidays is in full swing for starters.   Shoppers are so focused on the mission at hand – finding that perfect gift, that they let their guard down.

We urge you to take these steps to make sure your holidays don’t turn into a disaster:

Women – Keep Your Purse Close & don’t take your eyes off of it!

Be sure to put it on a shoulder, across your chest, or use a backpack. If you don’t want to deal with it at all, simply place your credit card, debit card, or cash in your pocket.

Don’t leave your purse in a shopping cart – you are asking for someone to grab it. Sad, but true.

Hide Your PIN

When you swipe your debit card, use one hand to cover the one you’re punching the pin in with. Thieves are so savvy that they’ve found a way to snap pictures with their smartphones and then use the pin to clear out your accounts.

Use a Credit Card not a Debit Cardidentitytheft2

While using your debit card can be a good way to budget how much you spend, credit cards offer more protection. If someone steals your credit card number, you can usually call and have the card closed and the charges taken off your account. You don’t have to worry about waiting for the money to be deposited back into your account like you would with a debit card.

Consider Using a Credit Monitoring Service

A credit monitoring company will alert you of any strange activity on your accounts. You will be notified immediately if there is spending that is outside your normal routine. Traveling? It’s best to notify your credit card companies and banks so they don’t issue an alert!

It’s easy to think, “I’ll be careful. It won’t happen to me.” The reality is that someone becomes a victim of identity theft every two seconds. The hassle it brings is not worth it. Protect yourself as much as possible, so you can get to the New Year with your identity safe.

Happy Shopping!

Cherie Pare

Personal Lines Account Manager – Founders Insurance Agency

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