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The Affordable Care Act – has it really impacted Workers’ Compensation claims?

February 22, 2016

michael_noddinBefore the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama in March of 2010, there was a lot of speculation about how it would change the United States’ healthcare system and impact workers’ compensation.  Some thought the ACA would overload the health care system and make it harder for workers’ compensation claimants to get access to medical care in a timely manner.  Others theorized that with more people covered under the ACA that employers might begin to see a reduction in the number of uninsured seeking workers’ compensation because they didn’t have any other health coverage.  Others wondered what the impact of an aging workforce would be on workers’ compensation.

Almost six years later, research findings and opinions continue to differ regarding the ACA’s effect on workers’ compensation.  Most have found that the healthcare system has not been overwhelmed by workers’ compensation claims as expected but that educating workers about how to access the system is becoming more and more important.

Why is there so much variation and uncertainty around this topic?  Simply put, because workers'_compworkers compensation is very complex.  Regulations vary state to state and, therefore, the impact differs drastically across the country.  To add to the intricacy, the demographics and types of injuries and treatments needed impact how medical care is accessed and the healthcare industry is evolving and changing quickly, with several mergers and acquisitions on the horizon.

Because of these complexities, it’s important to work with an insurance agency that takes the time to truly understand your unique business insurance needs, helps guide you through the process and comes up with a solution for your company.

The long-term impact of the ACA on workers’ compensation still remains to be seen, but the best defense for your business is making sure you’re working with a provider that understands and has expertise in your particular state’s requirements to insure your employees and your business are protected. We’re here to help! Contact Founders Insurance Agency with any questions you might have.

Michael Noddin

Group Life and Health Manager


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