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The Days of Pac-Man

March 20, 2012

Chris Garlasco, Owner & Managing Partner - Founders Insurance Group

It could be said by those that know me well, that my experience and understanding of technology is, to say the least…..stunted. I have a solid foundation in the metrics of Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, but even utilizing my best pair of “beer glasses,” my techno vision is limited. I now look at my late father in a new light. He, like many of us, was willing to Pac flyer.pngexcept new technology to a certain age in his life, but then it just became too overwhelming to keep up with the evolution of it beyond a certain point.

I have romantic memories of Ms. Pac-Man and long for the simplicity of those games. For Christmas in 2010, I was gifted with a Wii game system. Now, two years later, it is still sitting in a box next to the television. The games that interested me the most were too complex for me to take the time out of my busy day to learn to play them. One of our little dogs gave it a go, but the best she could do was to eat through one of the wires. I can’t say that I blame her.

So here we are today, in a world where the term “social media” rolls off of our tongues as if it’s been around forever. In my opinion, it will suffer the same fate as my old friend Donkey Kong. It’s just a matter of when and why. So why take the time to get involved?

It’s a question that I find myself asking often. I don’t use Facebook because I don’t trust my goings on to a database that has had more than its share of controversy. I don’t use twitter because I don’t feel compelled to announce the play by play of my life. (As if anyone cares).

I am not old, but I am no longer young either. It’s far too soon to throw in the technology towel. I know some of you reading this may agree with me, but here’s the shocker, I BELIEVE IN THE VALUE OF THIS STUFF! Today’s social media may go the way of the dinosaur, but those of us that think that will mean a return to the “good old days” are going to be waiting a long time. For safety’s sake, I hope no one is holding their breath! The fact is that today’s social media is a building block for what is coming next. We no longer communicate with each other as we once did. The popularity of these media sites are indicative of the fact that the younger generation has today’s social media as its reference point, and ultimately they will look to improve or invent what is next.

Henry Ford was to have said (although the accuracy of this is debated), “If I listened to what everyone had to say, I would have invented faster horses!” We are just at the very beginning of what’s to come. With the demand currently high and the profit incentive in place, the “next big thing” may be here sooner than we think.

So, yes, I am a believer. You may not receive a tweet from me any time soon, (you’re welcome), but as a businessman, I am smart enough to know that our clients’ needs will be communicated to us in the fashion that they wish to interact with us. They will dictate the terms of that communication and if we are smart, we will be there to receive and respond!

Have a great day!

Chris Garlasco

On a final note:  Connect with us online!




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